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The New #MikanaxMaxinejiji Collection is here for you to collect all 5 designs. Each necklace is designed by yours truly! Inspired from 5 books I’ve written which makes each one a special token of my work and the characters that I’m proud to say, you love and support a lot! To those who ordered with Mikana during 11.11 Sale, I’m super grateful, you’re always there to support me every step of the way! Thanks for always being there!


✨He’s Into Her – https://shp.ee/39wwprj

✨Love Without Boundaries – https://bit.ly/3ww5VBV

✨Moon – https://bit.ly/3H5I3tD

✨Mine You Will Be – https://bit.ly/307SL1V 

✨Poser – https://shp.ee/znx5h9j

MAXINEJIJI Beauty Lip & Cheek Tints

Hindi naman sa pagmamalaki pero magaganda talaga ang shades namin. I’m using MAXINEJIJI Beauty Lip & Cheek Tints in shades Keziah and Zarnaih. Instead of ten shades, may pang-eleventh shade na ako. #TipidTips. Hindi lang siya long-wearing, transfer-proof pa so hindi problema ang mask, or pag-inom at pagkain. Ganyan kami sa MAXINEJIJI Beauty, no limits! <3


He is Randall Echavez. A guy who can change a girl’s life in ways no one can imagine. A guy who is wanted by many, taken by everybody, looking at everyone, but changed by only ONE.

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girl should be like a butterfly, delightful to watch but hard to catch. But how come Randall Echavez catches them so easily?